Slot machine failure repair 3

    12. Can not wash points:
    Check U7 (8051) eighth foot in custody under the washing sub-switch, there is no action, if the exception is to replace U7 (8051).
    13. Modified the baby machine or 36 Pantai, why not use the general program to perform.
    (1) after the conversion of the main program to 27256, ROM P27 has been changed to U17 P3 (74LS138).
    (2) The main program ROM of the baby machine DATA BUS has been staggered as follows:
    D0 D7
    D1 and D7, D1 and D6, D3 and D4 exchange position.
    14. Boot display "30" and has been called non-stop:
    (1) PC817 fault.
    (2) 75452 failure.
    (3) 8031 failure.
    15. Game normal but no sound:
    (1) 74LS02 failure.
    (2) 8910 failure.
    (3) LM380 failure.
    (4) potentiometer fault.

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